Total Drama Cruise

After a season of basic insanity, Chris made this season a little more laid back on a cruise ship. But will the cast ruin it for themselves?

Remaining Contestants


If you need help, please contact our three amazing admins!


Hi, I am admin Bulba and I hate to say this, but this rp has been cancelled. Full-time, there was an elimination table made for TDC and it has been fully completed, even though we stopped at 4 episodes, haha. Anyway, the reason for this cancellation is due to 2 problems, one of them was that all 4 of us had different rps going on and 3 of us were in the same rp too. It was also hard getting all 4 of us on chat on time, I nearly had to self-cancel Manaono Island simply because it was taking way too long..that and I was reaaaaalllllly busy during May, and by the time I would have free time, another rp 3 of us were in would already have started. I am very sorry for this inconvenience, and if there were any lurking wikia users secretly reading the rp transcripts as we went, I am sorry to disappoint you. On the bright side, there IS a possibility that we might continue this, but most likely, we won't. I am becoming a sophomore this year in high school, and I really wanna take off more time on wikia as a whole. Sorry, love you all bunches, and remember: Bulbasaur is great!

Thank you for your time, Bulbasaur-Is-Awesome a.k.a Anna

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